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Database : Programmes, 1892 -1952




Pr 1934 F D 1

19 January 1934

Programme for Founders' Day

Guest speaker: the Dean of Manchester.






Pr 1934 S D 1i

26 July 1934

Programme of the Annual Speech Day

Guest Speaker: Rt Rev R Parson, Bishop of Southwark.

Named participants, general:

Dennis Chapman; Miss M Dunkerley; Miss M France; Miss O Walker

Named participants, prize winners:

Kathleen Allman; Kathleen Atkinson; Lilias Appleton; Margaret Armitt;

Asna Boltiansky; Mary Burgess; Beryl Briggs; Prudence Benington; Kathreen [sic] Brierley; Margaret Barber; Elsie Bradbury; Kate Brett; Kathleen Barnes; Sylvia Bernard; Hilda Bristow; Ermyn Brown;  Dorothea Bennett; Joyce Bamber; Barbara Baddiley; Sheila Berry; Joan Bardsley; Alison Bridge;

Marjorie Crookes;  Ruth Chard; Mary Cooke; Margaret Cayton; Ethel Collinge; Phyllis Collins; Daisy Clarke; Marie Challenor; Kathleen Chapman; Nancie Chadderton;  Dr Catharine Chisholm; Doris Coulthard; Beryl Cooke; Beryl Collingwood; Peggy Craig;

Enid Dobson; Margaret Dowler; Hilary Dodd;  Dilys Dew-Jones; Katie Dreyfus; Marjorie Davenport; Lily Daniels; Marion Dickinson;

Christine Edlin;  Jessie Edge; Beryl Evans; 

Jane Feingold; Nellie Field; Stella Fildes; Elizabeth Fleure; Caroline Field; Isabel Ferguson; Dora Fothergill; Helen Fearnley; 

Marjorie Grey; Mary Garner; Patricia Goldsbrough; Rita Goldstone; Josephine Greaves; Molly Graham; Betty Green; Leila Goller; Amy Garstang; Stella Gough; Dorothy Grice; Ruth Grundy;

Irene Hyde; Jean Heywood; Sheila Huss; Margaret Hope; Thelma Hoyle; 

Louisa Hawthorn; Jane Hodgson; Margery Hampson; Joyce Horner; Jeannette Halpern; Kathleen Hicks; Gwen Harper; Marjorie Hirst; Winifred Hobson; Frances Hepburn; Alice Heap; Marjorie Hovell; Jean Halstead; Phyllis Hardman;  Jean Harrison; Margaret Haworth; Vera Hesketh; Margaret Hodgson; Hazel Honeyburne; Joan Hardman; Margery Hoyle; Joan Honeyburne; Nancy Holmes; Ruth Hindshaw;

Ruth Isaacs;

May Jones; Christine Jollans; Margaret Johnson;  Marjorie Jones; Kathleen Jones; Freda Jessel;  Gwen Jackson;

Nancy Kerr; Joan Kinder; Kathleen Kiernan;

Mervyn Lewis; Patricia Lord; Gwynned Lewis; Dora Leather; Beatrice Lowry; Katharine Liebert; Margaret Loudon; Audrey Longhurst; Grace Leask; Peggy Lupton;

Lorna Mettam; Margaret Moss; Queenie Massel; Gladys Murray; Jessie Million; Pamela Marsden; Joan Moss; Lucy McKillop; Jean McLean; Marjorie Morton;

Margaret Needham; Denise Nuttall; Doreen Neate;

Marjorie Owen; Kathleen Owen;

Sylvia Palmer; Marjorie Pear; Joan Paterson; Mary Percival; Margaret Parker; Nancy Porter; Hilda Patchett;

Florence Rigg; Ursula Rodd; Dorothy Rose; Loraine Richards; Barbara Roberts; Myra Robinson; Muriel Roch; Margaret Rowbottom; Jean Rutter; Eleanor Riley;

Doris Seddon; Vivien Snow; Ruth Struthers; Margaret Senior; Pamela Simpson; Margaret Stansfield; Irene Salter; Dorothy Saunders; Doreen Stevenson; Kathleen Sharples; Joan Smith; Margaret Shrewsbury; Dorothy Spurr; Yola [sic] Smith;  Constance Spurr; Barbara Simpson; Jean Smith; Audrey Smith; Dorothy Spencer; Joan Schofield;

Jessie Thompson; Flora Thomason; Beryl Trickett; Miss A Taylor;

Daphne Wilde; Nora Warhurst; Eileen Walker; Kathleen Wilson;  Claire Watkinson;  Miss A Warburton; Miss O Walker; Margaret Ward; 


Details given of the university and training college places of the following:

Blanche Anderson;

Marie Challenor;

Dilys Dew-Jones;

Mary Garner; Marjorie Grey;

Margaret Howard;

Marjorie Jones;

Nancy Kerr; Grace Leask;

Mervyn Lewis;

Jean McAdam; Margaret Moss;

Margaret Needham;

Muriel Roch; Margaret Rowbottom;

Doris Seddon; Ethel Slow [sic]; Vivien Snow;

Elsie Wyneken;


Details given of the appointments of the following:

Dora Andrews; Maureen Armstrong;

Hilda Barrett;

Betty Carter; Beryl Collingwood;

Mary Eaton;

Caroline Field; Carline [sic] Finigan; Barbara Freeman; Marjorie Forrest; 

Kathleen Gamble; Beatrice Gardner; Mabel Grime;

Connie Hodgkinson; Nancy Holmes; Eileen Howson;

Eluned Jones;

Elspeth Kerr; Mary Knott;

Brenda Lincoln;

Sheila McKay; Jill MacNab; Nancy Murgatroyd;

Marjorie Nelson; 

Eunice Openshaw;

Elsa Plant;

Ruth Rapaport;

May Smith; Irene Sutcliffe; Margo Sassoon; Kathleen Sharples; Ruth Struthers;

Mary Taylor; Sibyl Trickett; Eileen Tydeman;

Caroline Wilkinson; Norah Willoughby; Claire Watkinson; Barbara Whiteley;

Vera Woodcock; 


Pr 1934 S D 1ii

26 July 1934

Programme of the Annual Speech Day

[For details see Pr 1934 S D 1i]

The programme is inscribed with the name Miss Tiano on the front.

Inside there is an inset page on which are the following names who had been awarded Speed Shorthand Certificates by the Faculty of Teachers of Commerce:

Kathleen Allman;

Ermyn Brown;

Nancie Chadderton;

Isabel Ferguson;

Molly Graham;

Kathleen Kiernan;

Peggy Lupton;

Ruth Struthers;

Claire Watkinson;






Pr 1934 D 1

2 and 3 May 1934

Programme with cast lists of The Treasure of the Alhambra, The Workhouse Ward and Thirty Minutes in a Street.

Named participants: Jane Feingold, Pauline Brand, Hilda Daniels, Florence Rigg, Isabel Ferguson, Margaret Rowbottom, Joan Goldstone, Marjorie Owen, Gwen Jones, Elizabeth Fleure, Leah Raphael, Constance Spurr, Audrey Hayes, Kathleen Allman, Ermyn Brown, Jean Archer, Ruth Struthers, Marjorie Hovell, Florence Rigg, Sylvia Palmer, Joyce Bamber, Dorothea Bennett, Olive Hindley, Margery Hampson, Nancie [sic] Chadderton, Marjorie Crooks, Dorothy Elkin, Lorna Riley, Helen Neeson, Joan Goldstone, Doreen Stevenson, Margery Lyon, Christine Edlin, Queenie Massel, Vera Goldstone, Alice Heap, Patricia Goldsborough, Rosette Levy, Joan Hardman, Dora Leather, Joyce Taylor, Mary Hibbert, Betty McKie, Joan Heywood, Lena Abbott, Margaret Barber, Sylvia Bailey, Rita Meyer, Irene Hyde, Muriel Roch, Doreen Neate, Barbara Bailey, Barbara Roberts, Jean Archer, Alice Heap.   


Pr 1934 D 2

2 and 3 May 1934

Poster of The Treasure of the Alhambra, The Workhouse Ward and Thirty Minutes in a Street.


Pr 1934 D 3


Script of the Latin play, Medicus, performed by IV A and an invitation to Miss Clarke.






Pr 1934 M 1

30 January 1934

Programme of a Concert

Details given of pieces performed and performers

Named participants: Doreen Stevenson, Leila Goller, Stella Lyth, Louisa Hawthorn, Jessie Million, Sybil Lever, Barbara Broome, Norah Cross, Margaret Leask, Mary Thompson, Mary Ravenhill, Gwynned Lewis, Christina Hindshaw, Phyllis Harry, Kathreen [sic] Brierley, Elizabeth Fleure, Stella Gough, Marjorie Hovell, Florence Rigg, Mervyn Lewis, Marjorie Cross, Blanche Anderson. 


Pr 1934 M 2

20 March 1934

Programme of the Junior School Music Competition

Details given of pieces performed and performers

Named participants: Winifred Bury, Alison Gross, Mary Spafford, Jane Alexander, Barbara Melling, Mary Schofield, Audrey Taylor, Peggy Ward, Gladys Mizrahi, Deirdre Berry, Ethel Gregory, Pamela Simpson, Ruth Bardsley, Margaret Nicholson, Sheila Riddle, Edith Saxon, Metta Hulme, Norah Cross, Louisa Hawthorn, Sybil Lever, Mary Thompson, Margaret Leask.


Pr 1934 M 3

20 March 1934

Programme of the Middle School Music Competition

Details given of pieces performed and performers.

Named participants: Brenda Burkill, Kathleen Wood, Hazel Barnard, Iris Condy, Beryl Edwards, Joan Hart, Mary Mellor, Mabel Mottram, Eileen Walker, Christina Estcourt, Hazel Mangham, Joan Salthouse, Margaret Brabbs, Joan Shatwell, Marjorie Spink, Joan Ashworth, Marjorie Hardman, Heather Kenward, Beryl Nash.






Pr 1934 R S 1

29 September 1934

Programme for the Special Service for Members of the Secondary Schools for Girls

Held at Manchester Cathedral.


Pr 1934 R S 2

October 1934

List of mourners at the memorial service for Miss Winifred Louise Mercier, Principal of Whitelands Training College.

Named participant connected with the school: Philippa Esdaile.


Pr 1934 R S 3

8 June 1934

Programme for the Divine Service in Commemoration of the Two Hundred and Fortieth Anniversary of the Founding of the Merchant Maiden Hospital, now the Edinburgh Ladies' College

The address was given by Mary G Clarke.






Pr 1934 Misc 1

4 and 5 May 1934

Programme of events for the Jubilee of the First Old Girls' Association [sic].


Pr 1934 Misc 2

4 May 1934

Menu of the dinner at the reunion of the Old Girls' Federation.

The programme is inscribed with the name Ruth Rapaport.

Guests of honour: Miss S A Burstall and Miss M G Clarke

On the back are the signatures of Jean McClymont, Eileen Evans, Nora Hardman, Jessie Peetie, Edith Harling, Ethel M Scott, Dorothy A Morris, Frank Padmore, Sara A Burstall, Annie Ellis, Nancy Ashworth, Mary McNicol, J D Skemp, Mary W Parkin, Dorothy Sidebotham, Madge Parkin. One name is also illegible.


Pr 1934 Misc 3

5 May 1934

Prayers said the reunion of the Old Girls' Federation.

Named participant: Dr Esdaile.


Pr 1934 Misc 4

17 July 1934

Programme for the visit to Manchester of the King and Queen on the occasion of the official opening of the Central Library, Manchester.


Pr 1934 Misc 5

19 October 1934

Programme of the Jubilee Dinner of the Manchester Geographical Society.











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