Manchester High School For Girls
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Database : School Reports, 1874 - 1952



Chairman: Dr F A Padmore

Miss G B Ayre OBE JP, Mrs C Bacon, Miss F Barlow JP, the Venerable A Selwyn Bean, Mrs Bromley Davenport, Prof H B Charlton, C Clegg, J Coatman, J G Crozier, Councillor S Fairfoull, Prof H Fleure, Alderman G Grindley, Mrs A M Iliff, Prof E Jacob, H L Joseland, Miss E F Knott, Mrs J Mather, Sir Robert Pickard, Miss D L Pilkington, Miss Dorothy Porter, A P Simon, Prof J Stopford, Prof T B Webster, Mrs J Wilde, Mrs T M Young.

Treasurer: C Clegg


Auditors:  Messrs Halliday, Pearson and Co

Clerk to the Governors:  Miss A E Kemlo

Medical Inspector and Referee:  Miss C Chisholm



Regret at the death of Miss Burstall on 26 March 1939. A fund has been set up to buy furnishings for the library which will be named after her.


The Appeal for the new school at Grangethorpe was launched on 2 February 1939 at a meeting in the Lord Mayor?s Parlour. Details given of fund raising activities.


Regret at the resignation as Treasurer of Mr Crozier. Welcome to Mr C Clegg as his successor. Regret at the resignations from the governing body of Dr J Myers and Lady Simon. Welcome to Mrs Bacon and Prof Charlton. Mr Johnson resigned as Clerk to the Governors and Miss A Kemlo has taken his place. She combines this post with that of School Secretary.


The speakers on Founders' Day and Speech Day were the Bishop of Manchester and Judge Leigh respectively.


Details of the following staff:  Miss McNicol, Miss Brownson, Mlle Crillon, Miss Garman.          

Students teachers did their teaching practice at the school.


"Six refugee pupils from Germany and Austria have been accepted at a much reduced fee and one refugee mistress has given voluntary help in the Art Department."


Details given of scholarships and academic and sporting successes.

Prefect rank has been given to all members of the VI Form.

A School Council has been set up [details given].

General comments on school activities including a French holiday course to Bruges.

Two parents' meetings were held during the year.

A meeting was held on the subject of evacuation in the case of war and it was decided to participate in a government scheme for the evacuation of school children. Several members of staff are qualified air wardens and a committee of these and the Head Mistress and her Deputy have made the "essential arrangements."


Thanks to the following for their gifts: Mrs Plant, Miss McNicol, Lady Simon, Mrs Young, Miss Callinan, Miss Clarke, Miss Dimmock , Gwen Harper, Mrs C Higham, Mrs Muncaster, Prof Webster.


The Old Girls' Federation has been very active in fund raising. Thanks to the following for their help with school activities [details given]:  Nancy Ashworth, Isa Wood, Margaret Brydon.     



[The academic qualifications of the staff and the subjects they taught are included]

Head Mistress:  Miss M G Clarke

Deputy Head Mistress, 1939 :  Miss Jessie Leese

School Secretary:  Miss A Kemlo

Departmental Mistresses, September 1939:

Miss Marion Hawcridge, Miss Evelyn Andrew, Miss M Dorothea Callinan, Miss Elizabeth Law, Miss Dorothy Whiteley, Miss Jean McClymont, Miss Joan Roberton, Miss Jessie Leese, Miss M D Leigh, Mrs Herbert, Miss Alice Chisholm, Miss Simone Avis, Miss Elizabeth Malloch, Miss Katharine MacKean, Miss A E London, Miss Theodora Mellor, Miss Meta Cashin, Miss Ella Holman, Miss Margaret Dunkley, Miss Annie Ellis, Miss Muriel Goodwin, Miss Dorothy Scott, Miss Cicely Harding, Miss Margaret Lever, Miss Alice K Knight, Miss Rhona Barlow, Miss Jane Pallot, Miss Hannah Ritchie, Miss Dorothy Saunders, Miss E Jamieson, Miss Annie Warburton, Miss E Arthan, Miss Edith Webster, Miss Kathleen Forster, Miss Hilda Sargisson, Miss A M Shaw, Mr H Wilson.


Some Recent Appointments

Details given of appointments held by the following:  Dora Andrews, Sybil Bailey, Enid Bridge [Mrs Murray], Elsa Davies, Freda Leather, Leila Lloyd, Barbara Longbottom, Margary Lyon, Sheila McKay, Phyllis Nanney, Helen Neeson, Kathleen Owen, Eileen Perkins, Muriel Roch, Irene Salter, Dorothy Spencer, Betty Strange, Joan Wilkinson, Kathleen Wilson.


Business and Secretarial Posts

Details given of appointments held by the following:  Brenda Burkill, Eveline Hadfield, Olive Lovelock, Margaret Norbury, Joyce Petford, Barbara Thompson, Kathleen Whiteley.


Admission to Universities and Training Colleges

Details given of the universities and training colleges at which the following are studying: Kathleen Barnes, Joan Bennett, Sheila Berry, Joan Caldwell, Beatrix Charlton, Dorothy Dawson, Mollie Edgerton, Mary Higgins, Winifred Hobson, Janifred Justham, Joan Rigby, Kathleen Sephton, Margaret Shrewsbury, Joan Spencer, Margaret Stirrup, Eileen Walker, Mary Williamson.               


Former Pupils

Details given of the successes of the following:


University of Manchester:  Mary Fleure, Annie Lofthouse, Louisa Fothergill, Jennette [sic] Halpern, Patricia Goldsbrough, Margaret Manby, Enid Garstang, Jessie Thompson, Margery Lyon, Asna Boltiansky, Minnie Freeman, Margery Hampson, Constance Salter, Annie Somerville.             


Oxford University:  Queenie Massel.


Cambridge University:  Dorothea Bennett, Jean Coleman.


London University:  Joan Sumner Smith, Florence Rigg, Leila Goller, Enid Withers.


Edinburgh University:  Elizabeth Fleure, Sylvia Palmer, Jean Smith, Mary France.


Liverpool University:  Sheila Huss, Maud Gregory.


Edinburgh Training College of Domestic Economy:  Marjorie Spink.


Present Pupils

Details given of the successes of the following:


Exhibitions and Scholarships:  Mary Williamson, Joan Rigby, Mollie Edgerton, Joan Spencer, Kathleen Holt, Helen Davies, Rachael Mendelson, Pauline Martin.


Alliance Francaise:  Kathleen Barnes, Joan Smith.


The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music:  Margaret Petford, Marjorie Thomas, Freda Lunt.


Sarah Bradshaw Scholarship: Winifred Hobson.


Lena Peacock Scholarship: Sylvia Bernard.


Mary Bradford Scholarship: Marian Nicholson.


Lady Whitworth Scholarships: Kathleen Barnes, Margaret Shrewsbury.


MacNicol Scholarship: Mary Williamson.


MacNicol Exhibition: Janifred Justham.


MacNicol Grant: Joan Smith.            


Junior Scholarships and Exhibitions: Ann Bowden, Alison Liley, Daphne Lucas.


Free Place Entrance Scholarships: Anita Berlyne, Edith Boote, Enid Carpenter, Esther Cohen, Patricia Cowan, Jean Davies, June Day, Margaret Harrison, Margaret Holt, Wendy Kershaw, Freda Lee, Rita McEwan, Pauline Martin, Rachel Mendelson,  Mary Pepper, Mary Podmore, Muriel Potts, Olga Poulter, Sheila Reavey, Dorothy Stokes, Jean Worswick.


Form Prizes: Muriel Baker, Sarah Davies, Hilda Elam, Joan Greenhill, Jane Hodgson, Eleanor Gray, Thelma Hoyle, Celia Barker, Mary Mason, Dorothy Bennett, June Copper, Judith Broadley, Beryl Attwood, Jean Geary, Rosemary Sutherland, Marjorie Findlay, Doreen Lea, Jean Cochrane, Millicent Brown, Edith Davies, Joan Marland, Iona McInnes, Barbara Appleby, Ann Bowden, Ann Boyd, Marjorie Geary, Mary Higgins, Brenda Mills, Patricia Lord, Barbara Stirrup, Mary Livesey, Roberta Stewart, Jessamine Sherratt, Betty Smith, Stephanie Richardson, Mildred Johnson, Jean Kershaw, Cristine [sic] Parish, Elinor [sic] Newton, Helen Davies, Sheila Finnemore, Joyce Cornish, Claire Wrigley.


Chairman?s Prize: Margaret Shrewsbury.


Adamson Memorial Travelling Scholarship: Kathleen Barnes, Joan Smith.


Hadfield Prize for Classics: Winifred Hobson.


Lena Peacock Prize for History: Jeanne Brassington.


Hadfield Prize for Secretarial Work: Kathleen Whiteley.


Art Prizes:  Barbara Bowmer, Mary Elding, Eileen Barr, Stephanie Richardson,  Beryl Darbyshire, Yvonne Hayes, Barbara Cooper, Ann Boyd.           


Needlework Prizes: Violet Khazam, Margaret Thoseby, Joyce Maddocks.


Warburton Musicianship Trophy: Joan Smith.


Harrison Music Trophies: IV A, Upper III A.


Kamberian Speech Cup: Junior VI and General Secretarial, V Y.


Higher School Certificate, July 1939: Kathleen Barnes, Sylvia Bernard, Dorothy Dawson, Mary Eagles, Kathleen Gill, Winifred Hobson, Mary Jackson, Janifred Justham, Mary Mellor, Sylvia Reisler, Joan Rigby, Margaret Shrewsbury, Joan Smith, Joan Spencer, Eileen Walker, Vivienne Wallis, Mary Williamson.


School Certificate, July 1939: Margaret Arden, Irma Barber, Sheila Berrisford, Jeanne Brassington, Joyce Brisbane, Elwyn Churchill, Margaret Crawford, Joan Greenhill, Margaret Hall,, Kathleen Hawes, Jane Hodgson, Margaret Holmes, Dorothy Housley, Margaret Kliman, Patricia Lord, Margaret McLennan, Barbara Melling, Dorothy Norton,Heather Oldfield, Margaret Petford, Madge Pursglove, Joan Stansbury, Barbara Stirrup, Marjorie Thomas, Freda Thompson, Joan Tierney, Margaret Tiffany, Marjorie Veale, Mary Bentley, Deirdre Berry, Dulcie Blakey, Joan Bridgen, Beryl Briggs, Jean Broom, Ellen Burgess, Jean Farrell, Olive Gahan, Eleanor Gray, Ethel Gregory,  Kathleen Grosse, Ruth Hall, Mary Agate, Ruth Bardsley, Eileen Barr, Mavis Broome, Kathleen Ball, Celia Barker, Sheila Brooks, Wera Burawoy, Jean Drylie,Joyce Finnecome, Enid Jones, Barbara Kellett, Sheila Lees, Sheila McCormick, Eve Marsh, June Helmsing, Marjorie Hettena, Beryl Higginbottom, Margaret Hope, Thelma Hoyle, Marjorie Hume, Mary Livesey, Doreen Lomax, Ursula Rodd, Frances Simons,Pamela Simpson, Roberta Stewart, Shirley Wilson,  Eileen Caldwell, Cynthia Johnson,  Phyllis Lees, Mary Mason,Margaret Pilling, Betty Roscoe, Jessamine Sherratt, Joan Silverwood, Betty Smith, Ruth Taylor, Olwyn Thomas, Emily White, Irene Whittaker, Mary Wood.


VI Form Leaving Diploma-General Course:  Joan Bennett, Sheila Berry, Mary Elding, Mary Higgins, Prudence Holden, Pamela Pointon.


VI Form Leaving Diploma-Secretarial Course:  Kathleen Wade, Kathleen Whiteley, Margaret Leask.


Faculty of Teachers in Commerce: Brenda Burkill, Margaret Norbury, Joan Shatwell, Joyce Petford, Kathleen Whiteley, Dorothy Edge, Margaret Oliver.  


First Class Gymnastic Certificates: Margaret Ardern, Ruth Bardsley, Joan Bennett, Sheila Berry, Beatrix Charlton, Norah Cheetham, Dorothy Dawson, Mary Elding, Mary Higgins, Janifred Justham, Margaret Leask, Mary Mellor, Pamela Pointon, Margaret Shrewsbury, Beth Sillitoe, Joan Simcock, Joan Tierney, Vivienne Wallis, Kathleen Whiteley.


Drill Competition Shields and Cup

Bourne Challenge Shield, Upper School:  Senior VI.

Elizabeth Day Challenge Shield, Middle School:  Upper IV A.

Lodge Cup, Lower School:  Upper III A.


Bourne Trophy for Deportment:  Upper III A.


Swimming Cups

Hardman Cup, Upper School:  Joan Tierney.

Middle School:  Alice Loudon.

Pearson Cup, Lower School:  Margaret Thoseby.


Team Swimming Cups

Hardman Cup, Upper School:  Upper V Science.

Senior VI [1926] Cup:  Upper IV A.


Royal Humane Society Life Saving Badges, 1937 [sic]:  Betty Evans, Hilary Sutherland.


Thring Memorial Cup and Medal for Games: Joan Bennett.


Form Hockey Cups

Ashworth Cup, Upper School:  Upper V Arts.

Lawson Cup, Middle School: Upper IV A.

Lower School Cup: IV A.


Threlkald Netball Cup:  Margaret Shrewsbury, Margaret Leask.


Form Netball Cups:  Senior VI, Upper IV A, IV A.


Fletcher Cricket Cup:  Joan Bennett, Margaret Dunkerley.


Form Cricket Cups

Senior VI [1927] Cup, Upper School:  Senior VI.

Mellor Cup, Middle School:  V X.

Hodgson Cup, Lower School:  IV Transitus.


Form Tennis Doubles Cups

Senior VI [1925] Cup, Upper School:  Junior VI.

Farrell Cup, Lower School:  Upper IV Alpha.


Tennis Singles Cups

Young Cup, Upper School:  Joan Nelson.

Young Cup, Middle School:  Emily White.

Senior VI [1934] Cup, Lower School:  Edith Davies.


Other Successes:  Manchester and District Schools' Hockey Shield, Manchester Girls' Schools' Music Festival: Senior Choir, Sight Singing and Singing; Junior Choir, Sight Singing and Singing.


Income and Expenditure  Account for the Year Ending 31 March 1939

Details of income and expenditure


Alphabetical Class Lists for the Year 1938 - 1939

Senior VI, Junior VI, Upper V Arts, Upper V Science, Upper V Alpha, V X, V Y, V Z, Upper IV A, Upper IV Alpha, Upper IV Transitus, IV A, IV Alpha, IV Transitus, Upper III A, Upper III Alpha, Upper III Transitus, Form III, Form II










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