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Old Girls' Federation Reports and Newsletters


The Old Girls' Association/Federation Reports are small booklets.

They contain the following:

  • Names of Association/Federation officers
  • Treasurers' reports
  • A general report on the activities of members of the Association/Federation
  • Names and addresses of members

There are Reports for the following years:


1922 - 1923, 1928 - 1929, 1929 - 1930, 1930 - 1931, 1931 - 1932, 1932 - 1933, 1933 - 1934, 1934 - 1935, 1935 - 1937, 1950, 1956, 1960, 1965, 1970 - 1975, 1975, 1979, 1984, 1995         





A News Sheet was issued in 1939.

It contains brief descriptions of school events and Federation meetings.





The Old Girls' Federation Newsletters are large booklets. 

They contain the following:

  • Names of Federation officers
  • Reports of Federation activities and the activities of the regional Societies
  • Descriptions of school life written by members
  • Descriptions of the lives and careers of members after leaving school
  • Dates of the births, marriages and deaths of members
  • Reports by Headmistresses from 1977 on events in the school 
  • Photographs
  • Reproductions of newspaper articles 

The Old Girls' Federation Newsletters began as information sheets for former pupils living abroad. Four issues are described as Overseas Newsletters. These are stapled foolscap sheets.

They contain the following:

  • Reports of Federation activities and the activities of the regional Societies
  • Information about former pupils

There are copies for each of the years 1970 - 1973.


The first Newsletter issued for former pupils in Britain was issued in 1974. Thereafter the Newsletters were for all members.


There are copies for each of the years 1974 - 2006. 





Manchester High School Old Girls' Federation: Minutes of Annual General Meetings

An off - white foolscap ring binder conatining the minutes of the Annual General Meetings of the Old Girls' Federation held between 17 June 1972 and 19 June 2004.

In addition the binder contains the following:

A copy of the programme for the Centenary Garden Party;

A copy of a letter dated 24 June 1974 to June Brown, PrEsident of the Federation from Dr Mary Clarke congratulating June Brown on her work for the Federation. At the foot of the letter is a copy of the obituary of Margaret Pilkington from "The Times," 7 August 1974;

A copy of a newspaper article dated 11 June 1994 about the tribute paid by members of the Federation and Miss Cottrell and Miss Blake to Miss Moon on the ocasion of her retirement as headmistress of the school.   


Federation Committees

A black foolscap ring binder containing minutes of the Old Girls' Federation Committee held between 30 May 1964 and 18 June 1983.

In addition the binder contains:

A list of the guests of honour at Old Girls' Federation luncheons held between 1954 and 1987;

The names of the officers of the Federation and its branch societies.   





Attendance Register, June 1923 - September 1960

A small, hand backed, blue notebook.

It contains a record of the names of the members of the London Society of the Old Girls' Assocation/Federation who attended meetings between June 1923 and Sepetmber 1960 and invitations to some of the meetings held between those dates.


Minutes of Meetings

Six medium sized notebooks.

They contain the minutes of meetings of the London Society of the Old Girls' Association/ Federation held between the following dates:


18 October 1932 - 14 October 1951


7 November 1950 - 14 October 1958


2 December 1958 - 2 May 1968


30 September 1968 - 22 April 1975


13 March 1979 - 9 September 1986


12 October 1985 - 12 September 1995






A very small, hard backed, red address book. It is undated but there is a note inside the front cover that the previous address book had been destroyed in 1936.

It contains the names and addresses of members of the Midland Society of the Old Girls' Association/Federation recorded alphabetically.


Memo Book

A very small soft backed red notebook.

It contains the following:

  • Accounts for the years 1929 - 1964
  • The names of life members in 1936 




MHSG - OGF South Western Society

A small navy blue, hard backed exercise book with a label on the cover: "MHSG - OGF South Western Society: Minutes."

It contains the minutes of meetings of the South Western Society of the Old Girls' Federation throughout its history between 21 October 1933 and 15 October 1988.

In addition the book contains:

A copy of the Old Girls' Federation constitution. This is pasted onto the flyleaf and at the top is written, "Fed. Constitution - printed 1963 [see minutes]. Meeting 26 Ap. 1963."

A photograph of a cake made to celebrate the school centenary is pasted with the minutes of the meeting held on 27 April 1974.   





President's Badge

An octagonal silver badge with a pin on the back and a chain attached. It is engraved with the Welsh dragon surrounded by ivy leaves and the inscription MHSG OGA North Wales President round the edge. On the back is an inscription, Presented by Alice Ashcroft 1973. 





Old Girls' Federation Attendance at General Meetings

A small black hard covered exercise book containing the signatures of those who attended the meetings of the Manchester and London Societies between 1950 and 1990.


MHSG Old Girls' Federation, Prayers, Saturday, 17 May 1958

A brown card folder containing the prayers said at the Old Girls' Federation reunion in 1958.


Visitors' Book

A small black leather bound book inscribed in gold with "Visitors" on the front cover. Inside is the following inscription: "This leather bound Visitors book was given to the OGF by Nancy Ashworth and Rhona Barlow on the occasion of the School centenary [1874 - 1974]. It was taken to each Society during that year for the signatures of those present and again for the centenary of the OGA/OGF 1884 - 1984.

The book contains the signatures of those who attended meetings in 1974 and 1984 of the Manchester, London, South West, Lakeland, Yorkshire and North East, North Wales Societies and the Scottish Group.   


Federation Secretary: Lunch

A small buff coloured exercise book containing arrangements for Federation luncheons held between 1976 and 2001.


Ivy Leaf Stamp

A large stamp of the Federation badge.


Ivy Leaf Stamp

A small stamp of the Federation badge.


Centenary Goblets

Three glass goblets made to commemorate the centenary in 1974 of the founding of the school. They are engraved with an ivy leaf and MHSG 1874 - 1974.


















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