Manchester High School For Girls
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Database : School Magazines, 1883 -1952

1949 June

Magazine Officials, Committee and School Representatives

General Editor:  Miss Bozman

Production Editor:  Miss McClymont

Assistant Editor Seniors:  Mary Blower

Assistant Editor Junior VI 1:  Janet Nichols

Assistant Editor Junior VI 2:  Margaret Smith

Treasurer:  Miss Scott

Committee:  Miss Bellamy, Miss Black, Miss Callinan, Miss Flavell, Mrs Muszytowska, Miss Lilian Lever

Girls� Representatives:

Senior VI:  June Melling                

Junior VI 1:  Muriel Wood

Junior VI 2:  Eileen Holt                

Upper V A:  Christine Dinnage

Upper V Alpha:  Joyce Young        

Upper V B: Christine Stabbs

V A:  Sylvia Caveney         

V B:  Pat Sharpe

Upper IV A:  Norma Clarkson

Upper IV Alpha:  Susan Merrill

Upper IV B:  Joan Mercer              

IV A:  Sylvia Cook

IV Alpha:  Anne Day                    

IV B:  Yvonne Labaton

Upper III A:  Janet Wragg             

Upper III Alpha:  Mavis Kendall

Upper III B:  Barbara Healey-Purse

III A:  Lesley Deans

III Alpha:  Jill Alexander



"The school when is re-assembled in September was encouraged to see the progress made in the first instalment of the new buildings and those in authority were greatly relieved when, late in that month, the Ministry of Education sanctioned application for licences for the completion of the whole scheme. This means that when the fortunate seniors take up residence in the first section the remaining work will already be under construction and the date when we may look forward to a united school housed in its own site will be in the predictable future."  The playing fields are in more continuous use.


Social Occasions

There have been 8 school parties, "a spirited Senior VI pantomime" and a "most successful" VI Form dance. Form Upper V A wrote and presented a Nativity Play.


Founders' Day 1949

The guest at Founders' Day 1949 was Dr Greer, Bishop of Manchester. This was the school's 75th anniversary. Dr Temple, Bishop of Manchester was the guest speaker on the 50th anniversary.


Fund Raising

Parents, old girls, girls and staff began a concerted effort in January 1949 to raise money to reduce "the overpowering burden of debt with which the school will otherwise be saddled." £1,429 6s was added to the building fund between 1 January and 15 May. Thanks to the governors especially the chairman, Miss D L Pilkington.



Details given of scholarships won by Margaret Walker and Gwyneth Hargreaves.



Staff leavers [details given of subjects taught or positions held]: Miss Ritchie [after 38 years teaching art], Miss E L Webster [after 47 years teaching music], Mrs Huddart, Mrs Musztowska, Mrs Sharrocks, Miss Ferguson, Miss Jones, Miss Simmons, Miss Gauntlett, Mrs Stahelin, Mrs Goldsmith, Miss Shaw, Miss Briscoe, Miss Veale

Thanks to Miss Longland and Miss Marten.


Speech Day 1948

Speech Day took place in the Albert Hall. It was chaired by Miss D L Pilkington. The guest speaker was the Mayor of Manchester, Alderman Mary Kingsmill-Jones who has been a governor of the school. She spoke of the unity of the school, the importance of women, the use of personal potential, the use of leisure and the obligation of women in establishing good taste and of girls in learning household skills to be wives and mothers.


Jean Ayers, Margaret Garner and Madeline Turner

Founders' Day 1949

1949 was the 75th anniversary of the school. "Everyone was wearing a sprig of ivy sent, as always, by Miss F W Harrison, who was present on the platform." The occasion was chaired by Miss D L Pilkington. The guest speaker was Dr Greer, Bishop of Manchester. He recalled that his predecessor, William Temple had been the speaker on the 50th anniversary of the school. Dr Greer spoke of the debt which was owed to all who had contributed to the school. He quoted part of a sermon which William Temple had preached in 1928 in which he had stressed the importance of fellowship. Dr Greer warned of the dangers of an incomplete education and said that Hitler had been successful in Germany because the German people were partly educated and could be manipulated by the media. He stressed the need for independence of mind.


Jean Powell [Upper IV A, aged 13 years]

Broughton Tower 

Description of Broughton Tower which was given to Manchester Education Authority by Sir Robert Rankin to be a residential school "for some of Lancashire's most delicate children." Details about their daily routine.


Gita Konig [Upper IV A, aged 14 years]


Poem about the value and happiness of life in Spring.



Margaret Wilkie [IV A, aged 13 years]

From the Apple Tree

Poem about a view from the top of an apple tree.


Gwyneth Hargreaves [Senior VI, aged 18 years]

A Year in Switzerland

Description of a year spent near lake Geneva as a guest of a French speaking family. Includes a description of a French school and Lausanne University.


Evelyn Fothergill [nee Addis]

Life as a Court Interpreter with the C C G

Description of work as an interpreter "in the Military Government Court in Oldenburg" as part of the British occupation of Germany.


Iris Montgomery [Upper III B, aged 11 years]

Print of a landscape.


Pamela Clements [Junior VI, aged 16 years]

Lino cut of a horse race.


Hilary Southall [V A, aged 14 years]

The Old Smithy

Description of a blacksmith's forge.


Alice Bowes [Form II, aged 8 years]

Prince Merryheart and the Forget-Me-Not

Story about an ugly prince who is transformed by a fairy.


Gilian Whiteman [Form I, aged 8 years]

My Cat

Limerick about a cat.


Susan Jump [Form I, aged 7 years]

The Market Square

Poem about the stalls in a market.


Ann Parker [Form Upper II, aged 10 years]

My Boat

Poem about sailing.


Sheila Ross [V A, age 15 years]

Before Battle

Lino cut of Roman soldiers


Dorothy Saunders [Upper III Alpha, aged 12 years]

Big Sister

Description of the problems of having older sisters.


Gwenda Sansome [V A, aged 15 years]

Little Sisters

Description of the problems of having younger sisters.


Kathleen M Sansome [Senior VI, aged 17 years]

The Eldest Sister's Point of View

Problems of having a younger sister.


Margaret Mawdsley [Junior VI 2, aged 16 years]

Print of a music design.


Catherine Greenhalgh [Upper IV Alpha, aged 14 years]


Description of Junior Orchestra practice on Friday afternoons and Senior Orchestra practice after school on Wednesdays. Illustrated with a lino cut of two violinists.


Norma Clarkson {Upper IV A, aged 14 years]


Poem about physical and moral strength.


Sylvia Caveney [V Alpha, aged 14 years]

Mon Chat

Poem in French about a cat.


Elizabeth Bradbury [V A, aged 14 years]


Poem about fund raising efforts for the Grangethorpe building fund written in the style of Sing a Song of Sixpence.


Barbara Williams [Upper V A, aged 13 years]

Lino cut of a dog and a goldfish bowl


Patricia Matthews [V Alpha, age 14 years]

Rough Island

Description of Rough Island on the Urr Water estuary.


Susan Yelland [IV B, aged 12 years]

Town and Country 

Poem comparing the pleasures of the countryside with London.


Margaret Patrick [Upper V A, aged 17 years]

Thoughts on Some Aspects of Spring the Poets Forget

Poem about vegetables.


Jeanette Main [Upper III A, aged 12 years]

The Scolere [sic]

Drawing a the head of a girl wearing a Manchester High School hat.


Josephine M Bowers [Senior VI, aged 17 years]

A Chaucerian Rhapsody

Poem about a schoolgirl written in the style of Chaucer.


Jean Caiger [Upper IV A, aged 14 years]

How Not to Enjoy a Film

Description of the parts of going to see a film which are not enjoyed.


Julia Pilkington [V A, aged 14 years]

Minding the Baby

Description of baby-sitting.


Avril Barlow [Senior VI, aged 17 years]

Print of two children going upstairs to bed.


Puzzle Page

Crosswords and other puzzles set by the following: Clare Milner [IV B, aged 12 years], Jean Wood [IV Alpha, aged 12 years], Jean Caiger [Upper IV A, aged 14], Sylvia Bardsley [Upper IV B].


Margaret Gandy and Kathleen Smith [Junior VI 2]

Expeditions of the Social Science Study Group

Visits to factories, schools, nurseries and other organisations arranged for the Social Science Study Group by Miss Lever, Miss Leigh, Miss Abraham and Mrs Musztowska.


Barbara Doncaster, Joyce Goodwin and Margaret Walker [Senior VI]

Expeditions to Malham

Description of a visit to the Malham area by Sixth Form geographers, scientists and historians organised by Miss Lever and Miss Leigh.


Freda Shepherd [Senior VI]

The Royal Visit to Manchester

Description of the visit to Manchester of Princess Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh to open the memorial gardens in St Peter's Square. Present were Miss Bozman, Freda Shepherd and Audrey Sipe. The service was conducted by the Bishop of Manchester and the Lesson was read by Rev H J Fiddick. The Mayor and Mayoress were also present.


A Sipe [Senior VI]

The Royal Visit to Manchester

Description of the visit to the YMCA in Manchester by Princess Elizabeth. A Sipe represented the school in place of Frances Smith who was ill. Prayers were read by the Dean of Manchester.


Barbara Price


Description of the work of the School Branch of the Council for Education in World Citizenship. These included a talk on Germany by an old girl, Miss Sutherland, a quiz, a debate with Manchester Grammar School on the topic, "There is no alternative to communism" which was heavily defeated, a conference on Education in Different Countries and a visit to the BBC.


Barbara Watton

School Orchestra 1948-49

Details of the pieces played on Founders' Day, the School Concert and Speech Day.


June Melling [Secretary]

Debating Society

Debates have been held on the present system of conscription, science versus the arts and the theatre versus the cinema. There was an old girls debate but only two old girls attended. An archaeologist won a balloon debate. A discussion was held with Manchester Grammar School on "the modern mother" and it was agreed that "the decline of the family was due to this insufficiency."


Margaret Bowers

The Dramatic Society

The Society has met under the leadership of Mrs Musztowska. Several plays [details given] were read.


Elizabeth Cayton [Upper IV Alpha, aged 13 years]

Lino cut of activities of guides.


Margaret Manson

The School Guide Company

There were so many applicants to join that some had to be turned away. Wendy Brazier went to the International Guide Camp in Austria. Miss Kidd continues to help with tenderfoot testing. Miss Janet Hogg, an old girl, is the new Captain. One of the guides has received the Queen�s Guide award.


Josephine M Bowers [Secretary]

The School Charities Fund

There have been weekly collections and money was sent to the National Lifeboat Society and to St. Dunstan's. Money was also sent to a school at Goromozi, S Rhodesia which Miss Scott gave a talk about. A "ladies' society" in Manchester heard of the school's support for Broughton House and has sent £5  5s and hopes that this will be sent annually. £25 was sent to the YMCA as part of their appeal for a new hostel. This money was given to Princess Elizabeth on her visit to Manchester on 30 March and was presented by the Deputy Head Prefect, Audrey Sipe as Frances Smith was ill.


Barbara Jackson [Secretary]

Broughton House

Gifts [details given] and visits to Broughton House have continued.


Bridget Gordon

Holiday Course in French and German at St Leonard�s on Sea, Easter 1949  

Description of a modern language course in French and German at St Leonard�s on Sea.


Senior Music Competition

Results and comments on entries by the following to the Senior Music Competition for composition:  Helen Platt, Norma Fesel, Eileen Croft.


E E Bellamy

Junior Music Competition

Results and comments on entries by the following to the Junior Music Competition for composition:  Margaret Edwards, Barbara Rathbone, Freda Walton, Susan Merrill.


Audrey Sipe [Captain]


Results of matches played.


Frances Holmes [Upper V, aged 15 years]

Lino cut of girls playing cricket.


Joyce Goodwin [Captain]

Cricket 1948

Results of matches played. The school won the Fathers' Match.


Audrey Sipe [Captain]


The school was defeated in the final of the Manchester Schools Rally. Results of matches played.


Ruth Hughes [Captain]


Results of matches played.


J J Healey-Purse [Hon Secretary]

The Parent-Teacher Association of the Manchester High School for Girls

Description of various social events. At the AGM, Mr J J Healey-Purse was elected in place of Mr W H Campbell. A meeting was held about the new school, Miss D L Pilkington, Canon Rowe and Miss Bozman spoke. Zelda Carr [nee Bock] gave a piano recital to raise money for Grangethorpe. There were talks on Education in Russia and Child Psychology.


The Old Girls� Federation

Irene M Horsburgh [nee Challenor, President of the Manchester OG Society]

Manchester Branch

At a meeting chaired by Mrs Evans the office of Federation Secretary was instituted and Nancy Ashworth was elected. At the Federation dinner, the Mayor and Mayoress of Manchester, Miss Pilkington, Mrs Plant, Mrs Tower, Miss Harrison, Miss Bozman and Dr Clarke were present. Thanks to Miss Kelmo for making the arrangements. Miss Theo Mellor will open a Bring and Buy Sale to raise money for Grangethorpe.


Ida Hyde [nee Wraith, Secretary]

London M H S G Society 

Meetings were hosted by Mrs Eastwood, Mrs Hewitt, Mrs Hyde and Mrs James. Miss Bozman and Dr Clarke attended the AGM. Miss Bozman and Lady Russell were the guests of honour at a lunch. Miss McNicol, Mary Eaton and Nancy Ashworth were among those there. There will be a Bring and Buy sale to raise money for Grangethorpe. The following have joined the London Society:  Olive Dickenson [nee Sales], Sybil Lincoln [nee Gould], Muriel Murray [nee Foster], Joan Davenport, Yvonne Manley, Eleanor Riley, Joan Schofield, Kathleen Shaw, Emily White, Ruth Wells


Mary Morrison [Hon Secretary]

N E Branch

Eighteen members attended a meeting at Leeds. Miss Bozman was present. The following have joined the Society:  Josephine Walker, Barbara Green, Mary Mellor.

Marjorie Morris has left the Society to take up a lectureship in Liverpool.


News of Old Girls and Staff

Information given about the following:  Dorothy Dymond [awarded the CBE], Mabel James [nee Clough], Ruth Kirkby [nee Isaacs], Hilda Wilson, Nancy Jones, Muriel Phillips.


Obituary:  Lily Large

Note of the death of Lily Large.


Births 1948

Births to the following have been announced:

Janice Deledalle [nee Rhodes]        

Hilda Bancroft [nee Fearnley]

Margaret Burton [nee Hope]

Patricia Corbett [nee Goldsbrough]

Nesta Gould [nee Herbert]            

Marjorie Hoult [nee Leech]

Adrine Middleton [nee Yegwart]     

Denise Jenkinson [nee McKay]

Jessie Roland [nee Million]             

Betty Proctor [nee Quinn]

Eva Bartle [nee Saunders]            

Nancie Stott [nee Chadderton]

Enid Hay [nee Garstang]               

Barbara Rustin [nee Goldstone]

Sheila Pitt [nee Siddall]                

Sheila Parker [nee Clayton]

Christine Marland [nee Honeyburne] 

Marian Souster [nee Nicholson]

Myfanwy Horner [nee Pickard]       

Ruth Leitch [nee Goodson]

Jean Emery [nee Cochrane]          

Deirdre Smith [nee Berry]

Jean Humphrey [nee Halstead]      

Nora Postle [nee Warhurst]

Sheila Henderson [nee Davies]       

Sheila Hemmings [nee Urquhart]

Ruth Beeson [nee Appleby]           

Barbara Tromans [nee Seddon]

Margaret Chenais [nee Roberts] 


Births 1949

Births to the following have been announced:

Ruth Brooks [nee Goodwin]           

Winifred Potter [nee Turner]

Phyllis Pybus [nee Hardman]

Dilys Bellis [nee Jones]

Freda Baker [nee Lempert]            

Norah Fletcher [nee Graham]

Muriel Bevan [nee Baker]              

Mary Kiely [nee Livesey]

Delia Preston [nee Doke]              

Hilda Bishop [nee Proctor]

Kathleen Starkie [nee Barnes]       

Ruth Kirkby [nee Isaacs]

Phyllis Dexter [nee Goldstone]       

Clare Garner [nee Smith]


Marriages 1948

The marriages of the following have been announced:  Jean Higham, Dorothy Norton, Jane Alexander, Clare Smith, Hilda Patchett, Margaret Fine, Thelma Briggs, Jean Kershaw, Gwendolen Jones, Margaret Stirrup, Edith Sinclair, Katherine Warhurst, Ann Nelson, Nancy Odabashian, Beryl Attwood, Joan Heywood, Edith Appleton, Alice Loudon, Betty Evans, May Whittaker, Catherine Roberts, Betty Ratcliffe


Marriages 1949

The marriages of the following have been announced:  Marjorie Morgan, Marjorie Grey, Hazel Beswick, Alisimon Strange, R Parkes.



The death of the following has been announced:  Miss A H Knight, Gudrun Langford, Miss Macklin [teacher of Classics from January 1892-December 1899], Miss Elizabeth Harrison [teacher of English especially in the Junior School from April 1909-July 1917], Miss Ellen Steedman [who taught botany from April 1890-April 1895 and who took up farming in S Rhodesia, details given]

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