Manchester High School For Girls
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Photographs : 1902

Ph 1902 St G 1

Staff group.

Left to Right

Back Row: Miss Ashby, Miss Enid Jones, Miss May Hartley, Miss Marie Jones, Miss K Hartley.


Next to the Back Row: Miss Marion Rome, Miss Gertrude Tafel, Miss Hetty Lee, Miss Alice Shannon, Miss Winifred Slater, Miss Isa Hiles, Miss Caroline Coignou.


Next to the Front Row: Miss Louisa Dendy, Miss Kiero Moakes, Miss Rosa Patterson, Miss Sara Burstall, Miss Annie Adamson, Miss Frances Harrison, Miss Alice Garrett.


Front Row: Miss Violet Moore, Miss Blanche Henry, Miss Florence Pollard, Miss Helena Bourne, Miss Amy Welch, Miss Elizabeth Simpson, Miss Dorothy Montgomery.


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