Manchester High School For Girls
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Staff Registers


There are five volumes of Staff Registers each with an index. They were restored and rebound in red in 2005 with a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

They are dated on the spine according to the year in which staff were appointed as follows:


Volume 1: 1878 - 1911

Volume 2: 1878 - 1931

Volume 3: 1918 - 1942

Volume 4: 1961 - 1974

Volume 5: 1981 - 1994


Volumes 1 - 3 include indexes of names which are not in alphabetical order. They give the pages on which staff records can be found. Names have been crossed out as staff left the school.


Volume 4 includes an alphabetical index of names which gives the page numbers on which the  staff records can be found. Names have been crossed out as staff left the school. 


The volumes contain the following information:

  • Full name
  • Date of appointment on probation
  • Date of permament appointment
  • Leaving date
  • Education record at school, college and university
  • Public and university examinations, training certificates and diplomas 
  • Previous teaching and other posts held 
  • Specialist subject[s]
  • Other subjects taught  
  • Principal duties in the school
  • Total annual salary
  • Retirement allowance
  • Post taken up on leaving the school


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